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A brand new website to help you and your friends cut carbon through tailored weekly challenges.

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10 tips to help you cut your carbon


For people: Read | Download

For schools: Download

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Communities checklist: Download

Event checklist: Download 

Fundraising checklist: Download

Global festival checklist: Download

Health checklists: Download

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OR for more checklists (including ones from other countries), check out our global page

OR get creative and make your own as 10:10ers Share Creative did when they made this.

Interested in getting your staff motivated in carbon cutting? Why not use our 10:10 staff engagement quiz?

Quiz sheet: view online or right click to download (pdf)
Answers: view online or right click to download (pdf)

Case studies

Find out how others are doing 10:10!

If you would like to become a 10:10 case study fill in the case study questions and send them over to [email protected]

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See tips and case studies corresponding to a particular area of your carbon footprint.

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These stickers have been made compatible with the Avery L7651 label sheet but can be used with non-pre-cut sticky sheets.

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Our offline signup app allows you to sign people up to 10:10 without an internet connection.

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Holding an event without access to a computer? Use these printable signup forms.


The 10:10 Tag

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English not your first language? We also have an international resources page with useful resources in many different languages from our global hubs