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Global news round up

This week, we've had our Lighter Later campaigning hats on to get the UK government on side just in time for clock change this weekend. We're also looking to Croatia for next year's campaigning plans and give the Bangladeshi team a thumbs-up for getting the nation cycling.


Hello, dearest 10:10ers!

Long time no see...:) But we were not sitting idle - we have so many new things to share with you in the upcoming weeks!

Global news round up

This week, 10:10 UK unveiled the Pitch Pledge Party funding event, 10:10 Denmark got medical conference attendees thinking about their footprint and Microsoft in the Netherlands had a fab idea how to cut carbon over the holiday period. 

  • In the UK, we kicked off the countdown to Pitch Pledge Party, a new experiment designed to bring 10:10ers and donors together to turn your carbon-cutting ideas into reality. We're inviting 10:10ers from around the country to send in their project ideas, three of which will be invited to pitch to a roomful of  donors for £3-5k. More details here.

Global news round up

This week, 10:10ers are all about cool carbon-friendly summers; from air con alternatives to sustainable travel and solar energy, there's no shortage of ideas on how to make this a great 10:10 summer. 


Summer is definitely here! Even with an occasional storm or two, the weather is lovely, and everything seems brighter :)